Leonard Cohen Tribute Band

The ten-piece Leonard Cohen Tribute Band plays, as part of their new tour ‘I can't forget’,  a 2-hour tribute to the singer, poet and writer who died the 7th of November 2016. Unforgettable songs such as Suzanne, So Long Marianne and Hallelujah alternate with less known material.

The band gives the songs the same swing as Cohen did the past decade. Also, similar to Leonard Cohen, the songs are forged together in a narrative.

Relive the magic of Cohen’s music and words in an intimate setting.


'Thanks to you, I have become a Cohen lover. Continue to propagate his songs. "

"Leonard would be proud of how you portray his memory, music, songs and lyrics so honestly and beautifully."

'Small, pure and refined and therefore great'

'I have cried with some songs of you'

© 2017 Leonard Cohen Tribute Band