Leonard Cohen Tribute Band

It all started with a small silent wish of musician Rinus van den Boomen: to play songs from his idol Leonard Cohen. It grew gradually into a beautiful, complete act that, without any active acquisition, was invited to a variety of cultural venues. Pure, sincere love for Cohen's special music is the connecting factor. Making his work last and becoming better people by doing so. The band knows how to make an intimate atmospheric event of every performance. Beautiful and moving for both Cohen fans and those who do not have anything to do with his music.


Lizet van Beek: vocals, percussion
Rinus van den Boomen: keyboards
Annemiek van Eeten: vocals, percussion
Marulka Gijsen: violin
Harrie van Hoof: leadvocals, guitar.
Pieter van der Klei: saxophone
Laetitia van Krieken: keyboard, accordion, vocals
Howard Maas: leadguitar
Toon Verberne: drums
Frans Verouden: base guitar, vocals

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